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Bare Essentials 3-Pack Essential Oil Kit by Epigenetics Labs


Support your body’s strength and vitality with the healing power of essential oils! The Epigenetics Labs 3-Pack includes the 3 essential oils we love using most! Each bottle of Essential Oil is 15mL with the exception of Frankincense which is 5mL.

3 Pack Includes: Frankincense, Lavender, and Eucalyptus

PLUS get a Free E-book: “A Beginners’ Guide to Essential Oils Plus 13 DIY Recipes” (Value $9)

Best Value For 100% Pure, Organic, GMO Free Essential Oils!






The Bare Essentials 3 Pack

  • Frankincense - A powerful essential oil that can affect you neurologically making it a powerful essential oil for meditation. It’s also fantastic topically on the skin, known for it’s strong healing and anti-aging properties. If meditation & stress reduction is important for you, this is one of the oils you’ll want to use daily. 
  • Lavender - One of the most popular oils globally. Great for calming and destressing the body! We love using it in baths, topically with a carrier oil and diffusing it in Hugo’s room just before bedtime.
  • Eucalyptus - This is a great oil for opening the respiratory tract. If you’ve been suffering from a cold and feeling really congested, this oil will help clear that congestion. Just place a few drops in a bowl with hot water, put a towel over your head and the bowl, and breathe in. Also great for brain fog and has antiviral properties.


What to look for in essential oils?


One of the greatest misunderstandings about essential oils is that all oils are created equally, and they are not. The quality of an essential oil depends on its extraction process. The scary truth is that you may have essential oils in your home right now that could be doing more harm than good. It’s a chance you probably don’t want to take.

Often times oils are mixed with other less-than-pure ingredients which could completely eliminate their health benefits altogether and could deliver very negative consequences.

Your essential oils need to pass the “Triple Purity Test”. Here are the 3 requirements to look for in your essential oils:

  • Ingredient List shows only 100% pure oil
  • Oil needs to be USDA certified organic (other certification equivalent)
  • GMO Free with the organic certification

Knowing these requirements could mean the difference between buying safe, effective oils and potentially exposing yourself to a whole host of ingredients you would probably never want to even touch your body, much less breathe into your lungs




What do we use and personally recommend?

There are plenty of amazing essential oil brands on the market, especially with the explosion of their popularity in recent years. We have tried and tested almost every top brand, but when asked which one we personally use, the answer is Epigenetics Labs.

Why Epigenetics Labs?

Epigenetics Labs Essential Oils are 100% certified organic, GMO free, certified therapeutic grade and completely toxin free. This checks every box of our criteria for essential oils… plus one more. They are affordable.

Compared to other essential oils on the market with this level of certification, Epigenetics Labs have made their product accessible to more people because they are affordable. We all deserve to have access to potent, natural, plant-based healing tools, and with Epigenetics Labs this is possible!

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