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Longevity Coffee Light Roast (12 oz) - 2 Pack

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Finally, we’ve found the healthiest coffee! It’s certified organic, 100% free from mycotoxins, low acidity and incredibly rich in antioxidants. This unique coffee is perfect for anyone sensitive to conventional coffee products. Giving you the best coffee experience ever.




PRICE: $36.97 USD




Why Longevity Coffee™?

Longevity Coffee™ is grown on volcanic mineral-rich soil, fed with pure natural spring water, and nurtured in clean, high-altitude air. For every 100 pounds of coffee grown, only the finest, most robust and mineral-rich beans are selected. There are absolutely no chemicals used in the production of the beans, and the entire process is tightly regulated to avoid exposure to unwanted environmental contaminants.

The only extra ingredient added? Sunlight! But not ordinary sunlight. The beans are bathed in a unique spectrum of light that not only makes the need for chemical additives unnecessary, but also kills off any dangerous mycotoxins, creating one of the most unique coffee products ever produced.

Many organic coffees are at risk of mycotoxin growth and natural fungal by-products which contribute to many of the problems people have when consuming coffee. Regular coffee on the other hand, has less risk of mycotoxin growth, but is riddled with pesticides and chemicals harmful to our health! Longevity Coffee™’s natural, chemical-free processing method ensures the certified organic beans are 100% free from mycotoxins and fungal by-products, minimising the unwanted side effects many people get from their usual coffee!

If you love a cup of coffee every now and then, but don’t want the unwanted side effects, then this is the coffee for you!

Benefits of Longevity Coffee™

  • Longevity Coffee™ beans have a pH value of 7.2, which is exactly where your body needs to be to function at its best!
  • It doesn’t overstimulate the nervous system, or cause common ‘withdrawal’ symptoms such as headaches and nausea
  • An ORAC antioxidant score of 48,896, twice as high as goji berries and four times the amount of wild blueberries!
  • The beans are Certified Organic
  • Tested to be 100% free from mycotoxins and fungal by-products due to the unique processing method
  • From growth to cultivation, roasting to packing. Everything is tightly controlled for optimum nutrition!


Instantly receive 12 coffee recipes that not only taste delicious but are packed with nutrition! It’s the perfect compliment to your longevity coffee.

E-book valued at $9.95


  • 'I have tried the Longevity Coffee. It is good and worth the price for me. I tend to run acidic and coffee really affects my nervous system, just a cup a day is too much. But, I LOVE coffee. So, when I first read about Longevity Coffee some time ago I was thrilled. Could it be true? A low acidic coffee?? It seems to work well, but because coffee is coffee and all coffee and has caffeine, well, I could not overdo it even though I tried. It seemed I could have a cup even on a empty stomach and would not get heartburn! Yeah!! I believe this might be the only coffee for us sensitive types.'
    - Chef Susan Teton Campbell

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