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Brian K

Brian K

Brian K

For close to 30 years Brian has helped people enjoy happier and healthier lives. Using his skills, knowledge and experience as a naturopath, combined with his experience as fitness coach and remedial practitioner, he works hard to provide practical, effective holistic health solutions for my clients. Brian specializes in weight loss and obesity, digestive conditions, and men's health.

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About Brian

Brian strongly believes in a person's potential (even if they don't!) and knows how to bring out the best in people. He's been doing it successfully for over 30 years.

Brian recognises lack of information is no longer an obstacle for change. At FM we have an abundance of high quality resources (documentaries, recipes, meditations, yoga and exercise) available for you.
He provides the connection! He creates a pathway and distinct plan for your success allowing you to get the most value from our life-changing resources.

Brian understands life. He's in his 50's, he's lived and learned ...often the hard way! He knows transformation doesn't come through push and struggle but by working with you; your weaknesses, your strengths, your life, to help create a personalised plan that works for YOU.

It's your life, you deserve to thrive and here at FM we have the resources for you to do it. Brian is here to 'connect the dots' by creating your Transformation Plan and supporting your progress, whatever your dream is.


Brian enjoys being busy! He operates his business, bnatural in his home town Adelaide, Australia and consults here for us at Food Matters.
He works closely with Jon Gabriel (featured mind/body weight loss expert here at FM) as is Head of Coaching and Fitness Specialist at The Gabriel Method.

Personal Life

Brian is married to Sharon and they have 3 children (James, Ella and Harry) and a dog. He is a former professional athlete, a professional Fire Fighter, and a keen lover of times with family and friends. He lives in Adelaide, Australia. 

Education & Certifications
  • Advanced Diploma Applied Science (Naturopathic Medicine) Honors, 1989
    Australian College of Natural Therapy
  • Certificate 2 Remedial & Sports Massage, 1998
    Australian College of Natural Therapy
  • Australian Natural Therapists Association Member; 3590
  • Qualified Fitness Instructor


  • Weight Loss/Obesity
  • Digestive System conditions
  • GERD, IBS, Inflammatory Bowel diseases, Leaky Gut
  • Men's Health
  • Cardiovascular Disease, Anxiety, Depression,  Prostate Enlargement, Erectile Dysfunction
  • Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease


Brian is located in Australia, and has 80 available client spots.

Click here to contact Brian K and find out about his availability.

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