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Megan M

Megan M

Megan M

Megan is passionate about supporting and empowering women towards achieving healthy, balanced and fulfilling lives. She has a Health Science degree, is a professional and accredited Wellness Coach and a certified Fitness Trainer. Megan also has a strong background in both corporate health and mentoring, supporting women to fulfill their potential.

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1-hour video call
Health questionnaire
One-on-one Email support
Personalized nutrition plan

About Megan

The urgency and pace at which we are living our life is a disaster for our health and hurting our relationships. We are feeling like we are coming up short when it comes to doing enough, giving enough and being enough. With this chaotic role-juggling comes huge physical, mental and emotional consequences.

Megan is a specialist Health and Wellness Coach with a unique combination of specific education, skills and experience expertly geared towards providing health and lifestyle solutions for busy women. She is passionate about women’s wellbeing and helps clients just like you improve their wellness with simple strategies and routines to regain clarity and control, find balance in their day and develop healthy habits towards experiencing a more fulfilling life.

Megan has a Health Science Degree, is a professional and accredited Health and Wellness Coach and a certified Level Fitness Trainer. She has a strong background in Corporate Health and Mentoring and more recently flourished in her role as General Manager for one of Australia’s leading Foundations that inspires and empowers girls and women to fulfill their potential.

As a mother of three children herself, she intimately understands the battle the modern woman faces. Megan helps busy women achieve happier, healthier and more balanced lifestyles. With guidance, she will help you simplify and structure your ‘busy life’. You will work together to dig yourself out of the clutter. With her support, she will help you create healthy behaviors in the realms of nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, organization and stress management. You will emerge feeling energized, inspired and empowered. You will have more time, achieve greater balance and feel like you are more aligned with your true self.

Join her and work together so you can move forward with confidence. She is completely there for you; to support you towards being empowered, inspired and energized, to look, feel and be your best. She partners with clients just like you to provide guidance and support towards simple, sustainable changes that empower you for positive, lasting results. Change is not easy, but with the right support and plan it is possible.

Education & Certifications
  • Level 3 Professional Wellness Coaching, 2015
    Wellness Coaching Australia
  • Accredited Certificate of Nutrition, Lifestyle, Food and Wellness Coaching, 2015
    Cadence Health
  • Bachelor of Arts - Human Movement Studies, 1996
    University of Technology, Sydney


  • Changing and creating new behaviours and then embedding them as habits requires time, sustained effort and commitment for positive, lasting results. This package is ideal for those who want to make a significant investment in their wellbeing.
  • I specialise in;
    - Helping you create a compelling vision of what your best life looks like.
    - Effective Goal Setting. You will set 3 monthly goals as well as weekly goals, gearing you for success.
    - Identifying Obstacles. You will uncover what has been holding you back. We will work together to remove obstacles and come up with strategies using your strengths.
    - A plan. We get intimate on health and personal connection. Depending on your priority areas; we split the sessions to cover everything from movement, mindset, nourishment, stress, relationships and personal organisation.
    - Right throughout you will receive information, tools and resources to help you succeed.
  • Each session will assist you assess how you are going and help you refocus if you are off track. New weekly goals are set and if required new strategies developed to help you meet your goals and maintain confidence and motivation.
  • You will gain a clear vision for your future, have clarity, systems, new routines and a confident skill set geared towards optimal health and wellbeing. We can do this together.
  • FOOD:
    • Overcome unhealthy dietary habits. How to easily adopt healthy meal planning into your routine.
    • How to shop healthy with a meal planner and shopping lists.
    • De-mystifying fad diets. What works and what doesn’t.
    • A non-diet approach to sustainable weight loss.
    • Staying on track while eating out and travelling.
    • In-house food audits of fridge, pantry and workspace.
    • A movement plan for a stronger, healthier more energetic version of you.
    • Best types of exercises for you.
    • Routines that you enjoy, that work and produce results.
    • Tips for staying motivated.
    • Recognising stress and how it affects you.
    • Key steps to avoid burn out.
    • Mindfulness techniques.
    • Relaxation strategies
    • Stress Management support.
    Balancing the demands of a busy life is hard. Let Megan help you with;
    • Streamlining processes.
    • Setting up family management plans.
    • New routines.


Megan has 24 open client spots.

Click here to contact Megan M and find out about her availability.

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